“Meera, don’t worry, everything will be fine. We will figure out…” Before Krishna could say anything more, Meera cut him in between.

“How Krishna… How…?” Her eyes were moist with the tears that were willing to roll out. She said swallowing her sobs.

“I can’t see any way out of it. I won’t be able to forgive myself for what I let you do. I’m such a fool…” She could not control her sobs anymore.

“Hey… Don’t say that dear, what happened between us was love… Don’t shame it with such harsh words.” Krishna too was hurt this time. Meera kept looking into his eyes without any more words.

“Let’s get married.” Krishan finally broke the silence and let his long held breath out.

“What…?” Meera never saw it coming.

“Yes, we’ll get married. I assure you my parents will talk with your parents and convince them for our marriage.” Krishna held her hand between his palms and softly pressed it to assure her that things will work out.

“My parents will never agree to it, at least after knowing that I am pregnant. And you don’t have a job? My parents will never ever agree.” Meera thought it was a stupid and impulsive idea, Krishan was suggesting out of his emotions.

“What if I have a job?” Krishna for the first time smiled today.

Meera frowned to get hold of what he was trying to say. Krishna took a deep breath and narrated to her the whole interview scene and his willingness to accept the offer.

“It will be best for both of us.” Krishna kissed the back of her palm.

“Are you crazy…? How can you think of accepting this offer? My parents will never send me abroad even after marriage. And you didn’t think once before deciding.” The shattered Meera was now aghast and angry. All the frustration that had been building up within her erupted out like a volcano.

“But this is the best opportunity for both of us…” Krishna never anticipated such harsh and negative reaction from her.

“Yes… It is the best opportunity but not for us. It’s best for you…” Meera’s voice was high enough to get attraction from other tables around.

“Okay fine, I’ll search for another job. Let this USA job  go to hell, I’ll find something else here.”

Krishna with a flash of the moment was now willing to kick away the best offer of his career just to make Meera stay with him. Deep in his heart, he knew that for the next decade he won’t get such a chance and start in career but he was ready to let it go only for Meera and their baby.

“And what kind of other jobs you’ll get…? A fucking sales representative of some Pharma company…? And what you’ll earn…? Some lousy 20 grands for slogging your ass for 12 hours a day. Do you think that will get some future for us…?” Meera was on the epitome of her rudeness. Her every word slid like cold daggers into Krishna’s heart.

“Then you tell me, what should I do…?” Krishna with a shattered heart and heavy sigh asked.

“I don’t know what should you do but probably I know what I should do…” Saying so Meera got up with the tears rolling down. It was too much for Krishan to hold his wits and stay in his senses.

“Please don’t go… Please don’t leave me… I’ll do anything for you. Stay with me… Please… give me a chance at least.” Krishna held her wrist to stop her from leaving and wrapped her in his warm hug

“I never wanted to leave you Krishna, but you lost me… Yes, you lost me. You proved yourself a LOSER. I can’t stay with you anymore…” Meera broke the hug and held his hands one last time.

“Please don’t kill our baby…” Krishna spoke with a choking voice as the lump in his throat grew bigger and bigger.

“I won’t…” Meera didn’t turn back to see Krishna one last time.

That was the last time Krishna and Meera were together.

Time kept flying, taking Meera away, and left Krishna with shattered dreams and a broken heart. He was dead emotionally but that didn’t stop him from flourishing. His shattered emotions and dreams became the fuel for his career and turned him into a workaholic billionaire.


“Is our coffee date still on…?” Kavya asked as Krishna kept driving silently.

“Of course my little pea. I promised you and Daddy doesn’t break promises.” Krishna winked at her and smiled as he took a turn at the next crossover to his college time favourite cafeteria.

Parking just outside the cafe, Krishna and Kavya stepped in his favourite cafe.

“You seemed to have a lot of memories lived here of your time.” Kavya said as they walked to the corner table.

“Yes, darling… A lot of memories I have, the best part of life I have lived here.” Krishna replied with a heavy sigh and walked to the counter to place the order.

As he was going through the messages over his phone, he bumped into a lady who was just turning back from the counter. Her eyes met Krishna’s and they were wide open now. She was Meera…

A long paused moment passed, their stares holding each other with uncomfortable silence that stood like for eternity.

“Hi… What a pleasant surprise.” Meera finally broke the silence and stretched her hand out for a shake.

“Hey… Long-time…” Krishna gently shook hand with her.

“Ya, long time… You must have been busy in the USA.” The very next words of Meera were nothing but sarcastic.

“I never left India…” A lopsided smile hung on his face now.

“Oh… I thought you were destined to settle abroad.” Meera was surprised now.

“I managed to settle down in India.” Krishna was smiling now.

“What about you…?” Krishna found it hard to keep bounds on his lost feelings for her.

“Corporate world sucks. It looks fancy outside but has all the dirt beneath it.” Meera replied with a heavy sigh and untied her hair.

“And you are a heck of corporate hotshot now.” Krishna commented on a lighter note.

“Not exactly… I quit my job recently. Shifting to the USA with my husband as his job is demanding him there.”

“Wow… I thought you never want to leave India.” It was Krishna’s turn to return her sarcasm. Now stumped with Krishna’s words, Meera tried to drift away from the topic.

“So… what’s your wife doing…? Working or housewife…?”

“I don’t know… Never got married to know whether she will be working or housewife.” Krishna smiled looking straight into her eyes. Every word was leaving an impact on Meera’s heart.

“I think you should move on, time never waits for anyone.” Meera was back in her attitude.

“I know that and I have learned it today in a hard way.” Krishna scoffed and replied.

Meera mustered all her courage before saying the last thing that was haunting her for the past few minutes, she saw Krishna.

“Krishna…, I don’t know whether I should tell you or not but…” Before she could say anything, Krishna interrupted her.

“That you left our child outside the orphanage home.” A rage of anger was picking up within his nerves.

Meera was shocked and before she could utter a word of explanation, Krishna continued.

“I know it all, I saw you and your Dad leaving that poor child at the doorstep of the orphanage home.” Calming down his nerves with a deep breath before continuing to already jolted Meera.

“Don’t worry, she is safe now. She didn’t stay there for a moment.” Saying so, Krishna called Kavya. She walked from her chair and stood next to her dad.

Tears rolled down Meera’s eyes. She saw her daughter after a decade for the first time. Krishna asked the waiter to serve his order in his car and started walking to the exit with Kavya. As he opened the door, he turned to look back at shattered and frozen Meera and said.

“I might have been a big time LOSER but I would have never abandoned my child…”

Written by: Hemang
Sketch: Paranj Sankdecha



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