Kavya, a ten year old daughter of Krishna, was sitting in the Porsche 911 parked on the roadside. It was raining outside. Krishna was sitting on a bench with an umbrella, opposite to the old rusty gate of the girls’ hostel. His gaze was fixated on the gate but his mind was not. The horses of the past were riding in full swing taking Krishna down the memory lane of his life.

Kavya had always seen her Dad sitting there for hours together whenever it rained, staring at the gate of the hostel. She was too young to even comprehend the memory lane that Krishna walked down in the rain.

The rain stopped and Krishna walked back to his car. Kavya was watching her Dad without even blinking her beautiful enchanting amber eyes.

“Dad, why do you always sit here when it rains? Are you waiting for someone to come out of that gate?” asked Kavya, seeking answers to the questions that had been prodding her mind as Krishna buckled up in the driver’s seat. He smiled and stroked her hair as he started the engine and drove off silently.

Krishna was among one of the few billionaires of the city, who had not inherited his wealth as a legacy, he was a self-made man.


Born to a service class family, Krishna was just like any other boy staying next door.

He studied in no fancy boarding school rather a small school in the city, he was an average student in his 12th grade. Life changed from monotonous schooling of science student when Krishna joined the college for his graduation in science. The vivid colours of his life were Meera, his classmate, and the love of life from the very first day of college.

Meera was late for the first day in college and when she stepped in her class their eyes met for the first time. Krishna was already staring at her with a jaw drop open mouth. Meera blushed and pushed the naughty strand of her hair behind her ear. Seemed like the cupid of love had shot them with his arrows at the selfsame time and it was love at first sight. Meera was a hostelite; her family lived in a nearby town.

Their teenage love kept blooming with every passing day. Krishna and Meera kept building their future of dreams in the heaven of love. The best time for them was at the canteen with cups of coffee during breaks or occasionally bunking the classes.

Time was bliss with love wrapping them throughout their graduations. But… Like every couple in the journey of love, they had to part for time being. Krishna continued to pursue a Master’s degree in science while Meera opted for an MBA in a different city.

Despite long distance relationship, Krishna tried his best to keep their relation and love alive. However, with time constraints and other elements brought about the ruin of a beautiful relationship and slowly turning it to sour from sweet. The fights over petty issues and misunderstanding are part of long distance relationships. However, Krishna was not the one who could let the time take charge of their situation and decide the fate of his love life.

“Babe, I wanna meet you and I want to meet you now.” Krishna said over his late night call to Meera.

“I too but this internship…” Meera kept her words incomplete.

“Your internship is starting next week babes, we have a couple of days before you step into your new corporate world.” Krishna was trying to convince her to meet once.

“But I have to report there the day after tomorrow and I am still left with some shopping to do. Need to get a few office wears. They are very particular with the dress code, at least for the interns.” Meera replied untying her hair and snapped the book she was reading.

“Well then, let me help you with the shopping and we can get some time to spend together. Please babes… don’t say no… it has been so long I have been with you… please…” Krishna urged like a kid.

“Okay, but you won’t ditch my shopping list, please… I need to…” Before Meera could say anything further, Krishna cut her in-between.

“Of course babes, your wish is my command..” Krishna ran his hand through his hair.

“And what about your exams…?” Meera all of sudden remembered that Krishna’s final exams are due next week.

“I’m all set for that, no worries on that point.” Krishna was not going to let any objection made by Meera sustain the meeting.

“Fine… I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” Meera smiled.

Next day, Krishna and Meera were together, the love birds of the college times who stood together against thin and thick of their relation. It was the most memorable day for them. Krishna insisted to overstay with her and didn’t want her to depart. Meera also didn’t argue much and they stayed together that night at her rented flat.

Love crossed all the bounds that night with Krishna cooking and Meera finishing her packing for a new chapter of their life. That night their souls were drenched in the ecstasy of love and for the first time, they made love.

All energised and with a rejuvenated relationship, Krishna was back and all engrossed to give his best shot in the final exams. Meera on the other hand was all set for her corporate world journey.

It was hardly a month they met, Krishna was fervently hunting for a job with the best score in the masters. Meera though all drained with her internship, faced something which they both had never thought of. She dialled Krishna in the morning.

“Yes, my love.” Krishna replied while working through his mails.

“Krishna…” Meera’s voice was low and shaky.

“Is everything all right babes…? You sound low.” Krishna had never missed in predicting from Meera’s voice. Something is bothering her.

Meera didn’t know how to say it. She was still in a state of shock with what she discovered that morning. Taking a deep breath and mustering all the courage she spoke.

“I am Pregnant.”

“What…?” Krishna almost fumbled on the chair. The biggest shock of his life. Gathering his senses he asked ahead.

“Are you sure about it… I mean… periods sometimes get delayed cause of stress factors too.” Krishna was trying to make a point which even he was also not sure of.

“I am in the bathroom and holding the pregnancy test strip in my hand. It is positive.” Her voice started trembling and her eyes welled up.

“I am coming tomorrow. We will sit and talk about it.” Krishna gathering his wits replied.

“I have a presentation and review meeting tomorrow. Can you come the day after it?” Meera replied with tears held back in her eyes that now started rolling down.

“I will be there with the first light of morning. Babes… Stay strong till then. I am with you, today and forever. Just hang on till I reach.” Krishna replied with his anxiety taking a toll on him.

“I’ll wait for you.” Meera ended the call.

Their life had spun around and as if that was not enough, a mail popped in Krishna’s mailbox. He was called for an interview by a big pharma company. Krishna went through the mail with a whirlpool of emotions already tormenting his mind. He was to appear for an interview, scheduled two hours from now.

“Fuck…” That was all he could say before snapping shut his laptop and rushing to get ready for the day.

Along with many aspiring job enthusiasts, Krishna was sitting in a long queue in the waiting area. After two hours of impatient waiting, Krishna finally stepped into the interview room. He was able to answer all the questions aptly marking his sense of logical thinking better than just theoretical knowledge of the subjects.

“Mr. Krishna, you are asked to wait.” As Krishna passed by the reception desk, the receptionist informed him.

Another fifteen minutes of impatient wait ended, Krishna had no clue why he was asked to wait.

“Mr. Krishna, you are being called in the office.” The receptionist informed him after she got the message on her intercom.

“Mr. Krishna, we are sorry to inform you that you could not qualify for the job. We are sorry for that but…” One of the senior members of the committee took the charge in his hand.

“But what sir…?” Krishna swallowed the lump of dejection but still expecting some miracle that was on his way.

“We have another offer for you.” The senior member was keeping the words tightly close to him and kind of enjoying Krishna’s building anxiety. He stayed quiet yet looking expectantly.

“We have a project on-going where we would like to offer you the post of a research assistant. It’s a very big project for the company and we are looking for bright and analytical brains like yours. So would you like to join us in that?” The smile on the panel was wide as everyone enjoyed the curiosity and anxiety of this young brain.

“It will be an honour, sir. I never thought I could work as a research assistant so soon.” Krishna’s joy had no bounds.

“But… You’ll have to shift to the USA for 2 years. It will be the probation period with a full salary. And if you could crack this period then you will be on board.” The last hidden condition was now revealed in front of him by the panel members.

A tight knot in his stomach was making the biles to rush up. He didn’t know what to say and after the morning call from Meera, would it be a wise decision to accept this offer, a jackpot of career?

Sensing the discomfort of Krishna, the panel advised him to take two days to think and reply to HR via email about his decision. Krishna breathing a sigh of relief thanked the panel members and left.

It was a lifetime opportunity for him but the biggest question that kept hitting him hard was… “How will Meera react to it…?” Especially after the morning news, he absolutely had no idea how things would turn out.Next day, Krishna and Meera were sitting across each other with their cups of coffee.


Written by: Hemang
Sketch: Paranj Sankdecha



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