“No, no… its not some shitty app. It needs to pay the fees and all are genuine people there. They guarantee it’s no hooker and bitches place. It’s a place for rich brats and bitches who don’t want any commitments and just some fun and more…” The puppy winked and explained about the app.

“Is it…? Then why can’t I see you on the app eh…? It’s just few lousy grands, hell I can pay that for you.” John mocked and took a fresh sip from his refilled glass.

“It doesn’t get done with that, one needs to be a sugar daddy… The flashy cars, loaded wallets, gadgets and what not. And you know I don’t have any…” The puppy said sheepishly.

“Well then, I can give it a shot.” John finally agreed and the next thing was all of them got busy preparing the profile for John on that app.

Few days passed but John couldn’t find any good match. The profiles he liked rejected him and those which liked him were not of his taste. John was frustrated with anything happening around and all his frustration was an obvious sign of his tarnished male ego.

He was staring at his empty cup of coffee with his mobile lying next to it. He was about to punch the screen of his phone when a notification popped up. It was from his dating app, someone has sent DM to his profile. Excitingly, John opened the message, it was from a profile name Black Widow.

“Are you interested in this cheesy likes and messages on this app or you are looking for a real game…?”

“What kind of game…?” John immediately replied. While waiting for a reply, he checked the profile but it had no real pic of Black Widow, for an instant he thought that this is also some fake id till the message popped again.

“Seems you are just a kitten, forget it…”

Now that was way more than an insult for John. He immediately replied with the same sarcasm.

“And you are some kind of hooker and not a real bitch.”

John waited for a few mins for a reply and then walked out of the coffee shop. For the whole day, he kept checking his phone for a reply from Black Widow but there was nothing. He was in turmoil to message her again but he kept resisting that urge till he couldn’t.

“Seems our first hit was kind of ricochet. And, ya I am looking for a game play and not some cheesy cozy talks.” Finally, John DM her and waited. He knew it might take some time or there won’t be any reply.

Next day afternoon, while John was still in his bed, the DM from Black Widow popped up.

“So you too, believe in second chances. I can give you but that would be the last.”

John sat upright on his bed and replied immediately.

“Won’t say thanks. Now tell me what’s you game.”

“How about meeting in face to face… ;)” Black Widow replied.

“You seemed to be despo… And I know you have stalked my profile before buzzing me.” This time, the ball was in John’s court and he was not going to play soft.

“You ever thought how much you flatter yourself? You think I care of what you have and what you show off…?” She was staying to her name… Black Widow…

“What could be the reason to DM me then ?” John replied picking up the beer from the table and walking out to the balcony of his flat.

“Ohk show boy… You can keep seeking the reasons while I am off you and get some real hunk.” Black Widow was now offline.

“Damn… She is a real bitch and now at any cost she will be here on my bed.” John took a big swig of beer before starting his day.

The day passed and Black Widow was not online. Couple of days passed and this time John waited for her to DM first. For the next few days, such sarcastic chats continued till one fine night John was drunk.

“Are you in any serious game or not. That’s what you asked me but I doubt now that you are ever a player.” John dropped a DM to her.

“And you seem to be that teenager whose hormones are taunting him to get some real action. Tell me it is first time that you are so close to talking this shit to any girl.” The immediate reply from Black Widow drained out the effect of alcohol from John’s head.

“My count is 25 and after you it will be 26… Don’t judge me babes, you are in play with a coach this time.” John replied and smiled at the screen of his phone.

“Oh you self boosting pig… If it is true of what you are saying then let’s see if you can handle the 26th in your life. How about a BLIND DATE…?” Black Widow was closing on John.

“It won’t be a blind date… You have seen me and I don’t have a glimpse of your single pic… What if you are of not my taste…?” John winked and replied.

“It seems you are not sure of whether you can handle me rather than blabbering about your shitty taste.” Black Widow was no shy pussy but rather a wild cat.

“Damn you bitch… Let’s go for your so called blind date. But remember one thing, if you are not of my taste, I will kick your ass.” John’s anxiety crawled in every inch of his body.

“Like wise… PIG… Will text you the place tomorrow afternoon. Keep your testosterone high cause you might run out of it…” Black Widow went offline again setting John on fire of unknown pleasure.


Written by: Hemang
Sketch: Paranj Sankdecha



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