“What’s up, dude…?” Another worthless friend of John walked into the pub.

John was already having his drinks with a bunch of such worthless guys who enjoyed the free alcohol on John’s wallet. All they needed to do is to boost John’s ego and they would get free booze in return from him.

“Come on Asshole, as if you care, just have your beer.” John who was almost two pints down and all high not in alcohol but ego replied.

“Just ignore that douche bag and tell us now… How was your last night with Simran…?” Another loser from the group asked John.

“Boy… She is amazing… never thought that such a shy girl would be a wild cat in bed, almost ripped me off.” John licked the foam of beer from his lips and replied taking another big swig.

John was one of the spoiled brats of filthy rich parents and was a perfect example of bad parenting. His parents always bought everything for him with their money and John developed a mindset that money is everything in this world. If money is not God, it’s nothing less than God. This attitude didn’t just end at this point; the fact that he was a perfect example of a womanizer made him an epitome of badass.

“So what is her score in 1 to 10…?” Another friend asked ordering his beer.

“She is 9 out of 10 and my total body count is 25 now…” John raises his mug of beer high in a toast.

“That calls for the celebration… Your silver count of bedding the girls…” Another looser got up and clapped and ordered the shots for everyone at their table, of course on John’s tab.

They all had shots and cheered for John’s so-called success by howling and screaming, just like animals. The only thing they were all unaware of was that Simran was sitting in the other corner and listening to them. Tears kept rolling down her eyes, she could not believe that the person she loved truly was a big asshole. A rage of anger began to mount within every nerve of her. She furiously got up and walked to John.

“So this is your true face…? And all those promises you made for lifetime were fake just like these assholes around you…?” Before John could see it coming, a tight slap landed on his cheek by Simran.

This had never happened with John. No one had ever dared to speak in a high tone with him and here, Simran has landed a tight slap on his face in front of everyone.

John was fuming with anger and he was about to thrash Simran like a trashcan but looking around where every eye was on him, he somehow gulped that tight knot of insult, however, that didn’t mean he would let her go scot free. John laughed sarcastically and pulled out a few 2000 rupee notes and threw them at Simran’s face.

“Take your charges bitch and just fuck off… John can get far better bitches to bed with than you darling… Have fun…” The moment John said this, his friends started cheering and screaming, making Simran embarrassed and she ran out of the pub.

Every eye in the pub had a hatred for John whether they knew him or not cause of what he did to a girl but within a minute everyone was busy within themselves and John was back to his drinks with his friends.

Days kept passing but Simran could not get herself back. She was distorted and kept herself shut in her room. With no parents to console, she kept crying till her elder sister visited her.

John, on the other hand, didn’t bother about what Simran would be going through. He had never cared for those 24 girls who were ditched by him before Simran. John had a simple funda, the riches of his life, and flashy cars were his tools to lure any girl into his trap. He would spend a few days with the girl till he gets her to his bed and would dump her once he was done.

Few days passed and John was on the hunt for new prey but this time it seemed that luck was hard on him, especially after what people witnessed in the pub and how he insulted Simran.

It was the same evening routine with John and his useless friends hitting the table at the pub. It was an ego hurting question that one of the friends asked John. It was from Rahul, who always envied John but could never confess as John’s wallet paid for drinks and other things for Rahul. However, he never missed an opportunity to taunt John, whenever he got the chance.

“So where’s the next target, John…? Or are you giving up on new hunts?” Rahul asked sarcastically.

“Shut up, you asshole. Don’t forget my count of girls in bed is more than the number of underwear’s you got till today. So kiss my ass and shut your mouth.” John was arrogant and filthy when it came to insulting others.

“Ignore that looser boy. But he had a point, it’s been a more than weeks and you still don’t have anyone yet.” Another idiot spoke from the group.

“You doubt my capabilities…? You should know who I am…” This time John was no more sarcastic or arrogant but pissed. The words of his friends were torturing his male ego.

“John… Y don’t you try this app… It’s worth giving a shot.” A tamed puppy of John came to the rescue.

“You mean dating app…? That’s bullshit. All you will find is hookers and bitches.” John finished his beer in one big swig and order refills for everyone.


Written by: Hemang
Sketch: Paranj Sankdecha



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