Angrey had called to update him that there was nothing fruitful that came from the cyber-cell team and there was no evidence that the deceased had been smoking marijuana.

“Damn it… I need something to talk about Angrey.” Mathur cursed under the breath for no lead in the case. Before Mathur could say anything, he lost his focus on the road and from nowhere a truck came and rammed into his car.

Angrey heard a huge sound of the crash and kept barking where his senior was but the line went dead. The accident trauma sent Mathur into a state of unconsciousness.

Angrey quickly rushed to the spot and informed others to get the help. Before Angrey reached, Mathur was sent to the hospital. The Corolla was badly damaged from one side but still in a state to be driven. Angrey left the police jeep with one of the constables to drive to the hospital and he took Mathur’s car.

Angrey’s mind was racing in so many directions, the thing that kept nudging him was the smell of marijuana. He was so much immersed in the thought that he could not see an old couple crossing the road.

At the very last moment, he saw them and applied the brakes with as much pressure as he could. The car behind him bashed head-on into corolla and it was jolted forward. He got down immediately to check if the damage was more serious.

The person driving the car behind saw Angrey in police uniform. He immediately stepped out and started convincing the on-duty cop that it was not his fault. Angrey with a calm mind apologized for applying sudden breaks and the matter was sorted. He then examined the back of the car. The trunk of the car was opened up. He tried to close it but the latch was knocked off in the impact of thrust.

Angrey with a sigh of disgust tried hard to close it and something spilled from the back seat of the car. The smell was so strong that he could not ignore it. He immediately got into the back seat under it to see what it was. It was some kind of liquid. Angrey bent down to see under the seat and saw a container. It was too far to reach easily.

The very next moment, chills ran down his spine when he saw the dashboard of the car was open and something within it was the reason for Angrey to stay shocked. He immediately turned the lights inside to check. He found a pack of smokes that had weed joints in it.

He immediately pulled out one and lit it to smell. The smell was the same that still hit his mind. He could not comprehend what he saw. He then rushed to the back seat and pulled out the container. It was the oxy bleach. Angrey started shivering. He could not believe anything in front of him to be real.

He drove straight back to Mathur’s flat and took the duplicate key from the security guard and scanned his flat. Nothing was there, in the living room or in the bedroom and then, his eyes fell on an antique chest box lying under the bed in the bedroom. It had a padlock. Angrey took his gun out of the holster and hit the padlock with its butt. The lock immediately gave away.

The box had memories of Mathur and his family. His childhood pictures with his Mom. Angrey kept the things one by one aside, carefully on the bed. Lastly, he found a letter and four photos. The letter was written by Mathur’s mom to him. Just two lines were written in it.

Angrey went through it. With every word, his fingers started to tremble. He felt like he was struck with a million Joules of a lightning bolt. He then went through the picture he had found in it. It would be difficult if someone would have seen those photos for the first time without knowing the person but Angrey had seen them before. They were the four people killed in the last two months.

Angrey closed his eyes and tried to absorb the reality that lay naked in front of his eyes. He had always respected Mathur a lot and had always looked up to him as his mentor. After he kept the things exactly the way they were back except the letter and the photos, he quietly left.

Angrey reached the hospital and waited for other seniors to leave. Mathur was lucky enough to survive from such a horrifying accident with some minor bruises and no serious injuries.

“How is sir?” Angrey asked the main doctor who was handling Mathur’s case.

“Ah! He is a lucky fella. After such an accident, only lucky ones could get out of it without any serious injuries.” The doctor patted Angrey’s shoulder.

“When will he be discharged?” Angrey asked.

“We are keeping him under observation for 24 hours. Only after that, we would be able to discharge him.” Doctor replied and left.

Angrey walked in and saw Mathur, resting with closed eyes. Meds were keeping him sedated. He looked at him for a while and left quietly. He had to wait.

Next day by evening, Mathur was discharged. He had taken official leave but kept himself working on the case. Angrey went to meet Mathur at his place. He tried hard to talk about what he knew but he couldn’t.

Days kept passing and the case went cold in the media. One fine evening, after a month had passed the day when Mathur had met an accident, Angrey was sitting with Mathur at his flat. It was a casual meeting, Mathur had called for. They both were sitting in the living area with a glass of Jack in their hands, sipping silently. Mathur had sent his resignation to the department. It was the only unsolved case in his entire carrier.

“I am leaving the country forever. Will be settling in California.” Mathur spoke. Angrey anxiousness was revealed from his fingers clutching the glass.

“You still have the letter and photos with you?” Mathur asked looking straight into the eyes of Angrey. Angrey was bewildered with what just Mathur said. Before he could reply, Mathur continued.

“I know you searched my flat when I was admitted to the hospital.” He took a big swig of his drink and drained whatever was in it and continued.

“I just wanted to know why you didn’t arrest me?” Mathur was now staring at the photo of his mother hanging on the wall.

“I read the letter, sir. I just don’t know the reason behind it.” Angrey took a deep breath replied.

“These four goons broke in our house for the burglary.” Mathur closed his eyes. The pain in his heart was more than Angrey could see on Mathur’s face.

“They not only killed my father, but they raped my mother. My father was not my real father. I am the son of one of those bastards. Can’t tell exactly whose sperm I am.” Mathur’s eyes flushed with anger. Angrey’s nerves also flushed with anger, his fist clenched tightly.

“My mother could not tell me till she was on her deathbed. In her last breaths, she gave me the envelope which had photos of those four bastards and a letter, asking me to take revenge for my father’s death and for what they did to my mom.” Mathur walked to the wall where his mother’s photo was. He stood there looking at her and continued.

“I had my revenge. There is nothing left for me in this world now.” Mathur closed his eyes. Angrey walked to him and keeping his hand on Mathur’s shoulder and spoke.

“I understand sir. This will stay between us.”

Written by: Hemang
Sketch: Paranj Sankdecha


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