Author:  R.V. Raman

Genre:  Thriller

This is the third masterpiece from R.V. Raman and is a real page-turner with nail biting thrills that will send the chills down your spine. With his previous books, FRAUDSTER and INSIDER, Raman has gone a step higher in SABOTEUR about the most buzzing industries of India, the E-Commerce. 

Like any big giants of the e-tailer, MyMagicHat is a big valued with superb infra and logistic support which is lacked in other e-tailers (In the initial phase) at its hand is about to capture the large chunk of the market. 

Gautam Puraria, the youngest scion of Puraria and MBA from foreign soil, is at the helm of MyMagicHat and there is no margin for errors now. 

MyMagicHat is on verge of tying its strings with the new offshore based private equity firm, Kantoff Capital, after a formal due-diligence exercise. Nilay, senior V.P. of the MyMagicHat, personally supervising the DD and is one of the number two person of the company.

Nilay discovers an incoming cash crunch with fast pace than it was anticipated and that was bleeding out the company financially. Nilay rolls up his sleeves to get to the bottom of it.

In his uncovering the mystery, Nilay teams up with Moin, the best IT guy of the company and a close friend of Nilay. The things seemed more bizarre as they keep on digging more.

In all these messes, massive data theft of the company surfaces, leaving everyone bewildered in and out. Adding worse to it, Kantoff guy carrying out DD goes missing in thin air. 

The capitalisation is delayed by Kantoff now and the company is bleeding profusely in financial terms.

Will MyMagicHat will succumb to cash crunch…?

Will Kantoff bailout MyMagicHat…?

Who wants to sabotage MyMagicHat…?

To get the answers… Read… SABOTEUR… by R.V. Raman.

MY OPINION: This is my third book of author R.V. Raman and I must say that he has kept his wall of reputation intact by delivering another nail biting thriller. 

The way author has detailed out the working of e-tailers is really someone gets to know only by being in the top brass of such platform or after doing thorough research. 

The art of keeping the fiction plot intact and intriguing along with technical details is something Raman likes to cradle. 

The dirt of silicon valley, Bengaluru, reaches across the different continent with a lady inspector who is no less than a tomboy is desperate to crack the biggest case of her career, will keep you glued to your chair. 

The narration and pace of the story are fast from the beginning and is maintained till the end. Nowhere I felt it was getting soggy. But one needs to have patience as story progress with detail and technical analysis of the e-tailers working pattern. It may slow down some of the readers thought I found it fascinating.

A point or two doesn’t seem to get connected in the end but as it is said, ‘like no perfect crime, no perfect fiction exist…’I’ll strongly recommend this book to my followers if you are in the financial crime/thriller genre. And not only this one but the previous works of R.V. Raman too are worth reading, FRAUDSTER and INSIDER.


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