“How long we gonna run on these odd errands for others?” Amit asked brooding over the cup of coffee, while Ajay was busy in counting the cash they had incurred from their last venture.

Ajay and Amit, stunning hunks today, are a product of a strong friendship that was born in that orphanage where they had first met.

Raghu another by-product of the same orphanage was a difficult case to handle, was a bully, creating scenes for everyone there. He had also tried bullying Ajay and Amit. A normal fight took a different mode when Amit who gave a blowback by targeting his phallus which did make him a bit weaker in his grip over Ajay.

“Do you still doubt me and my strength?” Screamed Amit

“You gonna pay for this you SON OF A BITCH.” Raghu groaned trying to normalise himself.

“Well, we gonna share it then.” Amit gagged as he gave a high five to Ajay who was still in trauma.

This incident was registered in everyone’s head and heart and then no one ever tried messing with Ajay Amit duo. They were now best friends and stood by each other in every phase of life be it was school or their college.

With no one else in their lives, both were family for each other. Studies never took a serious aspect of their lives. With great efforts, they managed to acquire a graduates degree with commerce as their mains. A small rented place was named as their home which was also their office wherein they did a lot of odd and even jobs to prevent their pockets from drying up.

Amit was more towards risk taking errands while Ajay was better with smart works where he could easily fool out his buyers. Both knew that it won’t last long. They would need something solid to lead a life they always dreamt off.

“What’s running in your mind Amit?” Ajay asked as he divided the cash between both of them.

“All we need is a Jackpot. A one-time shot to take us away into our dreams.” Miami, a place which was a dream world to Amit.

Ajay was lost in his thoughts but his eyes were still on his book lying near his coffee mug. Amit, who was always busy playing poker on his cell phone, Ajay was always seen reading, reading but not anything. He loved that world of fiction.

“OMG, check out the car.” Amit spoke, whistling as a girl was about to step in the car. Ajay who was lost in his thoughts turned to look at both, the car and a girl. Ajay didn’t blink and kept looking in the direction as the car zoomed, leaving the storm of dust behind.

“I have got an idea,” A glimmer in Ajay’s eyes had surprised Amit. Ajay had never looked at a girl passing by, no matter how gorgeous diva she would have been. He always would prefer his book over the girl. Amit looked at Ajay with his raised eyebrows. Deep in his heart, he could smell the rat.

“How about getting a rich fille or rather, we getting into the life of a rich spoiled babe?” Ajay winked. Amit was relieved to listen to Ajay speaking his heart out.

“But how will this work?” Amit solidified his thoughts with a coffee in his hand, his eyes almost were frozen. Ajay was his focus then.

“It’s simple dude, I’ll be a prissy and will slowly tackle her heart and make her fall for me.…” Amit was trying to visualize all that Ajay was trying to make him visualize. This was something new for Ajay as well as Amit. A big change in life was someone’s entry into their lives.

“Are you sure we giving a key of our lives to someone? Aren’t you aware of the fact that we are families to each other.” His heart was sinking with a mere thought of Ajay going away from him.

“Ah! It sounds funny to me, I see her as a jackpot. Forget about it dear, we are and we would always be the same. I’ll tell you the details later on.” With a frown, Ajay spoke. He held Amit’s shoulder tightly and jerked him. Something fishy was on Ajay’s mind and he was chalking it down mentally to bring it all into reality.

“Can you elaborate your thoughts? I just want to see where I see myself. And what am I supposed to do in this?” Amit leaning back in his chair asked with crossed arms.

“Can you arrange small term finance from Bhandari Bhau. Mumbai is beyond the reach of a common man, we would be needing a lot of cash in hand.” Saying this Ajay winked.

“What? Now are YOU going to Mumbai?” Amit almost screamed.

“Not me dumb, it’s WE.” Ajay grinned as he gulped down his coffee. Clutching Amit’s hand tightly he just smiled which had thousand hidden stories.

“Okay!!! And when are we returning?”

“Probably, …NEVER. I’ll prefer MIAMI after Mumbai.” Ajay winked and they hugged each other tightly.

“We are together till eternity.” Ajay whispered and Amit smiled, tightening his arms around him.

Amit ran few errands alone for the fund from Bhandari Bhau, a local goon of the area. Free runs were made to get a bigger amount later on as a favour. Amit knew Ajay was a spendthrift but he always had a purpose for spending.

Ajay, on the other hand, got busy in chalking down his plan. A detailed study and careful drafting of the plan was essential for successful execution, the heart of it to make it work. There was no way back once the plan is set in action and Ajay wanted it to work out impeccably.

After a week or so, both were standing outside the famous night club and waiting for their turn. Amit was enjoying the night. He had seen all this in movies. It was his first ever real life experience. Ajay’s eyes were scanning every table for his plan to work.

His eyes stopped at a girl who was fitting in the draft which was a dream plan for both of them. His eye froze at the sight of a girl who was beautiful yet strong, she was away from what we call a real world. She was gulping her shots one after the other. Ajay smiled and nodded at Amit who was watching the pole dancer making eye catchy moves.

Amit’s glance shifted to the girl, Ajay was staring at and nodded softly. They finished a few more drinks and left. It was not time to hunt. The target was locked and Amit will have to do a lot of recce. Ajay left the club, leaving Amit behind to do what he was best at, stalking. With a rented bike, Amit stalked her at every possible place without getting noticed for more than a week.

Amit’s eyes were now at the target Ajay was staring at and guess what the silent disclosure of words took place. The target was hence locked and Amit will have to scrutinize things before he pounces on the prey.

A week’s time was enough for Amit to gather all relevant details about her. With a bike, doubtlessly a rented one Amit stalked her at every possible place with utter care because he knew a wrong step and all’s gone.

“ Amrita, daughter of R. K. Sharma. A rich jeweller with loads of money which was kinda uncountable.” Amit first collected her pictures from various sites and then made a collage on his table, amongst all there was a picture to which Ajay got glued.

“Tell me more about R. K. Sharma.” Ajay asked with his eyes still frozen all at Amrita’s pic.

“Sharma is known as a big time player in the world of Gold and Jewells. Unaccounted properties worth millions are to his credit and then a Swiss account. I don’t feel you need some more information now.” Amit had poured all the information he had

“In short, she is a spoiled brat of a multi-millionaire. She barely gives a fuck about anyone or anything.” Saying this Ajay, leaned back in his chair.

“Yup, and the best part is…” Amit winked while Ajay raised an eyebrow.

“She is single…” Amit excitingly gave a high five to Ajay.

“Is there anything alarming about Sharma?” Ajay asked

“Actually, he is the kind of person who never trusts anyone. And because of it, he doesn’t have anyone who is close to him. Despite so much of black money, he is always scared of the world full of eagles who can easily rip him apart of his wealth.” Amit answered tucking the cigarette between his lips.

“You know I don’t like the smell of cigarettes.” Ajay immediately pulled the cigarette from Amit’s lips and tossed it out of the window. Amit smiled and winked at him.

Ajay was ready to strike. The plan was simple. Ajay will go to the bar where Amrita goes regularly and will sneak a chance to bump on her. Amit would surely have an eye on them.

“Where’s my drink… You son of a bitch. Do you know who I am? I can buy this whole damn place in a wink.” Amrita screamed with her slurred throat, at the waiter who had refused her the drink since she had no money the other day.

There was a ruckus in seconds and the bouncer appeared to sort the issue, but who in the world could control the storm named Amrita once under alcohol. Ajay pounced on his target since the circumstances were all in his favour.

“It’s fine, she is with me. Just give her a drink.” Ajay kept some money on the counter after which things were under super control.

“You may join me girl.” Ajay politely gestured her to walk ahead.

“Thanks…” Tipsy Amrita walked ahead as Ajay followed her. Things were falling in place, at least for him.

Amrita kept on drinking and blabbering about her and Ajay kept listening to her. Ajay paid the bills and dumped her in the cab and sat in the front seat since he knew this way he can enter her house.

A big villa with every available amenity had a big troop of workers who were ready at a sigh. The moment the cab reached the villa, the security guard opened the door not very amazed to spot Amrita.

“She is fine. Just drunk.” Till Ajay could complete his sentence the guard had already given a gesture as to he knew it, this was nothing new for them. Amit who was also on track had an eye at every single move of Ajay

“Plan working?” Amit asked Ajay as he returned.

“Heck ya, allow me mere two days, you yourself will get a clear picture of all of my thoughts.” Ajay grinned.

The plan had some deceleration, which was not expected. Amrita had not turned up even after a week. Ajay was waiting at the same bar. Amit’s patience too was running out.

“We should try and make few changes may be in terms of place or may be time, since it’s not moving ahead.

“And that will look like I am stalking her and I don’t wanna get labelled as STALKER. We need to be more patient” Ajay replied calmly.

“We don’t have much of time and money to waste; if you don’t remember.” Amit was hitting the hard realities.

“Don’t worry, my gut feeling says that she will come tonight. Wish me luck.” Saying so, Ajay got dressed up for the night.

“All the best dear. May we achieve success the way we want.” Amit closed his eyes and took a deep breath, holding Ajay’s hand.

Stars were changing their position and luck was finally rolling in. Ajay was at his regular table and sipping his regular peg of JD when Amrita walked in. She was alone. Ajay immediately looked away to avoid meeting her gaze. Amrita was scanning the ambiance to get a table. The house was full. Only Ajay was sitting alone.

“Hey…” She called Ajay and there was an exchange of dialogue this time again a quite one.

“Sorry If I had gibbered something the other day and yeah thanks. How much did you pay for me?” Saying this she handed a bundle of money to him, which was much more than the amount he had spent. Amrita’s arrogance and ego were sky high. Ajay was not used to this attitude, he still pushed himself to stay calm.

“My pleasure and that’s fine.” He knew it’s his cat and he needs to bell it, with no choice left.

“Oh, forget it, can’t I do that for you, I know I don’t know you, but it’s fine.” Ajay pushed back the bundle towards her.

“Favour aha, HEY I HAVE NO WORD CALLED FRIENDS IN MY DICTIONARY.” Amrita’s wry reply had hit him too deep, but still……

“No doubt we bumped, seems we are sailing in the same boat.” It seemed too difficult since Ajay was not her breed, still he knew he had to mould since it was not the right time to back out

“You seems to be new to this place.” Amrita asked sipping her first drink of the day

“Mumbai is a place where people come with great dreams and my eyes too have seen one.” Ajay replied looking around the bar.

“Dream …. Sounds Good, what’s your dream?” Amrita who had never given a damn to anyone asked, but this was not the way she used to deal with people.

“Is everything fine…?” Amrita asked herself.

“Ummm…… Would answer you definitely, but tell me why do you hurry for, why are you always in a rush?” Ajay asked playing with the ice cube in his glass.

“Sorry?” Amrita asked.

Ajay smiled and introduced himself. In the next few seconds, they were comfortable in each other’s company. Rounds of drinks kept pouring to lighten her arrogant mind.

“No more drinks for you young girl.” Ajay waved the waiter to back off.

“Hey, hello, whoever you call yourself, do you think you can stop Amrita?” She frowned to look into his eyes.

“Hahaha, me, you ask me who am I? I am someone you don’t know, but who knows what is to be done when.” These words were new to her ears, she felt a jolt and she never ordered any drink thereafter.

After some moments of silence, she asked the waiter for the bill, cleared and was about to get up when she almost about to tremble. She gathered her sense back and stood high. She with her attitude said.

“Relax dude I am all here.” She picked her bag and turned towards the exit when something started taking her feet back. It was none but Ajay’s company.

Ajay could sense it and how could Ajay leave this golden chance, he too got up to move and with a smart gestured asked Amrita if he can drop her and with no delay booked a cab and paved way towards his next encampment. This time he made sure he exchanged numbers and was successful too.


Written by: Hemang
Edited by: Pratishtha Shyam
Sketch: Paranj Sankdecha


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