There was a shift, shift in the venue, from bar to coffee shop and from booze to coffee, Ajay had been marking his steps carefully. The coffee which they shared gave birth to long conversations and this time sane ones. The more Amrita was with Ajay the more she had started longing for him. Things were all in accordance to the plan.

One day Ajay let his cat out of the bag, he expressed his dream of starting up his own business. Amrita without wasting a second started to tell him about her father and even said that he would help him in need.

This was exactly the way it was planned. He at once said.

“That’s so thoughtful of you Dear, but you know what I have always been doing things on my own, but never the less I would surely come back in case I need some help.” This made Amrita think about his personality, till date she had been seeing just hungry eyes – hungry for her body, for her money, for her status etc. Ajay was different than others this made Amrita fall for him.

“Hey, you seem different Ajay? “

“Different, hahaha, I am just another boy.”Replied Ajay. He was looking at his dream turning real, Amrita was all on his side then. But it was a crucial moment for Ajay since this was the greatest turn he had planned off.

“You are different than others, you care for me, you don’t expect rather you there for me. This hasn’t been there ever in my life.”

“Oh sweetheart,” Ajay tried eating his words, but the blush on Amrita’s face gave him the needed confidence. Amrita’s hands were on the table next to Ajay’s this time there was a slight moment which signalled Ajay his next ploy. He took a chance and slowly kept his hand over hers. There was a current, a shock, a breeze which brought with it a whirlpool of emotions.

After some time, Amrita stood up to leave, Ajay never wanted to leave this chance and started walking with her. The same question, should I drop you? Amrita knew this was coming she too accepted the offer. Today Amrita took him to her house.

Ajay was the first person who could enter that dining room who was known to Amrita. Everyone was shocked to see the change. Amrita called her dad saying that she wanted to dine with him today. Mr. Sharma had not expected such a call from Amrita and hurriedly made his way home. Entering into a house where he found his daughter in talks with a boy, made thousands of bells ring in his head.

Mr. Sharma knew keeping quite was the best option, he slowly moved in and exchanged a formal introduction with Ajay. He discovered the dream of Ajay and extended a hand towards him. Ajay was happy for all was in accordance to his plan. But it was not the moment yet, he needed to wait for that exact moment when he can explode.

Ajay’s charm worked on Amrita like the angel with a musical harp whose company, Amrita yearned for dearly more than anything in life. The arrogant Amrita was transforming into a coy demure girl with just inch of attitude rather than tonnes of it. Though sentiments were never confessed, Amrita’s body language spoke in volumes of the treasured love she cherished and nourished and nurtured in her heart which increased voluminously day by day.

Mr. Sharma was out of town and Amrita took advantage of the situation. She invited Ajay to come over to her place for dinner. Ajay was not a stranger anymore, so it didn’t raise any alarms for security guard. They had often seen Ajay coming to the house.

That night, love was a free bird savouring the forbidden fruits of freedom. The army of servants was given a day off and Ajay cooked the dinner for Amrita.

“Nobody has ever loved and pampered me like this in my life.” Tears rolled down her cheeks as they were at the dining table.

“Obviously, cause this right had been reserved entirely for me by God.” Ajay smiled and fed her like a loving husband feeds his wife. The love was in the air Amrita turned a deaf ear to all other feeling streaming in her heart that doubted Ajay’s intentions. Amit was watching all these through the spy cam he made Ajay carry in his sling bag.

Love knew no boundaries that night and for the first time in her life, Amrita made love with Ajay. It was pure bliss for her. They stayed in each other’s arms and soon, she dozed off. When her eyes opened, she saw Ajay reading his novel.

“You like reading books?” Rubbing her chin on his shoulder, Amrita asked.

“It’s kind of different world of fantasies, beyond this world of reality.” Ajay kissed her temple and smiled.

“Is it? So which book is keeping my honey away from me.” Saying so, she snatched the book to see the title. It was FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. Ajay smiled and told her how the dark fantasies of pain and pleasure are discussed in it.

“I have never shared this with anyone but…” Amrita biting her lower lip spoke but didn’t say.

“But what darling…?” Ajay asked reading every thought of this vulnerable soul in front of her.

“I too want to experience these red room fantasies, like Christian Grey.” She blushed and kissed Ajay’s jawline and instantaneously buried her face in his chest.

“Are you serious?” Ajay pretended to be surprised which he was not.

“Na… I just said. It’s nothing like that.” Amrita thought that she would be judged and she immediately regretted confessing her sensual fantasies.

“Don’t lie, darling, you don’t need to. And I know you are thinking that I’ll judge you cause of fantasizing such fantasies in your mind.” Ajay moved down his finger from shoulder to her palm to lock with her fingers sending a chill down her spine thinking about fiction becoming facts. Amrita didn’t say anything. She knew that Ajay could read her mind through her eyes. This aspect was admired by her dearly.

“Tell me, do you really wanna experience it… With me…?” Ajay’s stare was penetrated, straight through her eyes and divulged deep dark desires resting at the bottom of her heart. Amrita just nodded with twitched lips and flushed cheeks and buried her face in Ajay’s neck.

“I’ll arrange for it. But we can’t do it here.” Ajay said with raised eyebrows and his eyes screened the room. The glimmering desire in Amrita’s eyes immediately replied.

“We can go to my farmhouse.”

“Okay then, I’ll make all the arrangements for it.” He wrapped her in his arms.

“But…” She spoke in a whispering tone.

“Now what…?” Ajay cupped her face and asked.

“I want to be the Dominator.” Amrita was no more coy docile girl.

“How do you know so much about it darling?” Ajay asked.

“Girls also watch porn, baby. And my favourite is BDSM.” She winked and kissed his lips holding his face in her hands for quite a while before setting it free with a wry smile.

“As you say, my princess. Tomorrow night will be the night of our fantasies and your slave’s submissive life will be at the hands of a merciless mistress.” Ajay stroked her hair gently. They hugged and stayed in each other’s arms till the dawn broke the accord.

Next day, Ajay and Amit were busy in fetching various toys that would be needed for the night’s play, a lot more than play was on their mind. Amit was not in his head the whole day long.

“What’s wrong with you?” Ajay asked once they were back in their room. Amit didn’t say anything, breathing a heavy sigh. Sensing the mental turmoil of Amit, Ajay spoke.

“This is the first and last time. Don’t worry, it’s the last payback for our dream life…” Ajay hugged him tightly, tapping his back. Amit could not hold himself anymore and broke down in his arms.

“Promise me you won’t leave me for her. I saw everything last night.” Amit spoke between sobs.

“Sssh… Don’t jinx it. Everything will be fine, I promise.” Ajay whispered.

As per the plan, Ajay reached the cafeteria where Amrita was already waiting for him in her car. Amit had already done what he was supposed to. He was now back home waiting…

Ajay and Amrita reached the farmhouse after a long romantic drive. A swarm of butterflies was already fluttering in her stomach. She had never thought that she would live to see her fantasies come to life some day. Today’s menu was long and certainly, it didn’t have dinner on it.

With all the cozy time at their hands, not even a single moment was wasted. Every roleplay that Amrita had ever pictured in her mind was played with herself as a dominator. Brutality of pain and ecstasy of pleasure was marked on every inch of Ajay’s body. They stayed in the bed for a while till the rush of adrenaline vanished.

“That was a heck of a feeling. You are such a powerful dominator.” Ajay grinned.

“Stop embarrassing me now.” Amrita hit him with a cushion and hid her face in his chest.

“But seriously, it was phenomenal.” Ajay accepted. Amrita had no words to say. Pure ecstasy, an eternal bliss had been at play a sensation that Adam and Eve would have had when they first made love.

“I don’t wanna go back. Please don’t leave me. Stay with me. Please…..” With moist eyes urging him to be with her, she looked into his eyes. She had never felt so much love for anyone in her life. It was hard for her to part with him, even for a few hours.

“God knows how badly I want to be with you. But to be with you, I need to leave so that I can come back to you forever.” He wrapped her in his arms caressingly and kissed her forehead.

With a heavy heart, they left their dream world. Ajay dropped her and the car at her place and took a cab back to his place. Amit was devastated, he was shattered and drunk but still in senses.

“We don’t have much time.” Ajay said staring at the marks on his body in the mirror. Amit quietly caressed every wound of the previous night on Ajay’s body for a while.

“You are right. Let’s go to the hospital first.” Amit wiped his tears and picked up the pen drive from the table.

At the hospital, Ajay was admitted for the treatment. Amit completed the hospital formalities. Ajay was already given first aid and was now in the special ward. Amit had already talked with the doctor for the Psychiatrist’s counselling. The doctor felt strange about Amit’s request but kept mum.

“I’ll be back soon. Just stay strong dear.” With moist eyes, Amit hugged him tightly and left the hospital for the second part of their plan to work.

In the evening, after all the tests were completed. Roshni Mishra, a leading psychiatrist stepped in the ward and counselled Ajay. It took more than three days for her to issue the certificate.

Amrita was going bonkers over the fact that Ajay had not called her. She tried to reach him many times but his cell was switched off. Panicked and in a state of delirious dilemma, negative thoughts started reverberating in her mind and it all ended up to one question whether Ajay is ok or not?

At the end of the fourth day, Amrita was sitting with Mr. Sharma, concerned for Ajay. Both were thinking about their next move to locate Ajay. They had no address, no other details, except his cell number.

“Amrita Sharma…” A stern voice boomed in the hall. Inspector Priya Singh walked in with a bunch of constables and a sub-inspector. Baffling and perplexing, both father and daughter at once, who stared at the police in awe. They had no clue why the inspector had called out Amrita’s name.

“Yes ma’am, how may I help you?” Hushed Amrita, wiping her tears and rising from the sofa.

“You are under arrest.” Priya Singh saying so, gestured lady constable to cuff Amrita.

“But… what have I done…?” Stunned Amrita, tried to resist the cuffs. Mr. Sharma was also shocked as he didn’t know what was happening.

“Please cooperate. Details will be parted to you at the police station.” Without any further words, they marched Amrita out. Mr. Sharma pleaded and struggled to appease the inspector who was in no mood to listen to any bullshit.

At the police station, a sub-inspector gave them the copy of FIR against Amrita. She was booked under IPC sections 503 (Blackmailing), 363 (Kidnapping) …..

“What? Are you out of your mind???” Mr. Sharma screamed at inspector whose face resonated calm and collected stance.

“Lower your voice? This is a police station and not your private villa.” Mrs. Singh frowned at Mr. Sharma. Her voice was stern and curt.

“Who has filled this complaint?” Mr. Sharma, understanding the gravity of the situation, asked in a lower tone. Amrita had been sobbing uncontrollably in the prison cell.

Mrs. Singh gave the details about the complaint that was filed by Amit on behalf of Ajay who was still in the hospital. Hearing it, both, father and daughter were aghast and shattered.

“How can you be so wicked and cruel? Even animals are better than you.” Mrs. Singh said with disgust to Amrita who was standing inside the cell, holding the bars and sobbing.

“This is one of the most heinous crimes, I have seen in my life.” The anger was gushing through her veins was evidently visible in her eyes and gesticulations. Biles were rising in Amrita’s gut and she felt that she might puke anytime.

“I don’t know what to say. I thought I knew my daughter but now I feel I don’t know her at all.” The disgust in Mr. Sharma’s eyes shattered Amrita.

After a lot of discussion, Mr. Sharma pleaded Mrs. Singh to show them a way out of this mess. After a heavy sigh, she spoke.

“The only way out of this is… You must talk with Ajay and find a way for out of court settlement. If the case is filed in court then you know the damages you’ll have to bare.”

“When can I talk with Ajay?” Mr. Sharma looked down and asked. He didn’t want to face anyone.

“If you are thinking of settling the issue before it ignites and media gets a scent of it, we need to go and talk today itself.” Mrs. Singh said and looking at her watch, she continued.

“It’s night and probably the best time to go and talk, but we will be present while you come to any terms on the matter.” Mrs. Singh said without blinking her eyes. Mr. Sharma just nodded. Amrita will stay in lockup till then.

Mr. Sharma along with Mrs. Singh and other constables drove to the hospital. The doctor and Inspector informed Amit who was sitting next to Ajay. They both nodded with a sad puppy dog face and smiled at each other when Inspector and the doctor had left the room.

“Two million… Dollars… That will be the price to let your daughter walk free out of this mess.” Amit winked at distraught Mr. Sharma.

“What??? Are you out of your mind? Have you guys ever seen a single dollar in real???” Anger was welling up like hot lava out of a volcano but it was all in vain.

“Calm down sir, If we go to court then there are 100 percent chances that your daughter will be convicted for many more sections of IPC. Two million dollar is a teeny-weeny amount we are asking for.” Saying so, Amit showed the trump card to Mr. Sharma. The certificate of Psychiatrist that clearly stated that Ajay and Amit were GAY.

“This will be the last nail in the coffin.” Amit spoke with a devilish grin and played footage of that night on the laptop.

Mr. Sharma who had been holding himself together, shattered and broke after watching the video. He cried unconsolably. Amit gave him a glass of water and spoke.

“Two million will set your daughter free. You can forget that anything like this ever happened.” Ajay was patting Mr. Sharma’s back. He just nodded and wiped his tears.

“When do you want money?”

“Today itself, we can do it here.” Amit typed the keys on laptop and site of a Swiss bank was on display. With heavy heart, Mr. Sharma transferred the money to the account that Amit gave him. Transferred and credited pronto.

“It was a pleasure doing business with you.” He winked and escorted Mr. Sharma out. Mrs. Singh had been waiting for them. Amit settled out the rest of the matter with her and they were ready to set Amrita free.

Two weeks later……………….

Ajay and Amit were sitting on a private yacht under the sun in Miami with a glass of champagne. They both were engrossed in each other and a lip lock under the open sky.

“Having fun guys?” A female voice boomed from behind.

“What the Fuck? You are quite ballsy to come here after everything.” Ajay spoke with shock as he saw Amrita on the yacht. Amrita was holding the can of beer and sipping some, she sat across them stretching her legs on the table in front.

“The same inspector who aided and abetted you gave in for a bit more money than you offered.” She winked and emptied her can. Ajay and Amit were rattled with the pangs of fear wrenching their stomachs inside out. They knew the tables had turned but to portray their bravado. They gulped down their drink and Ajay spoke.

“But you have no business with us now. Technically, you can’t prove anything.”

“And we still have all the shreds of evidence.” Amit said triumphantly and kissed Ajay’s lips again.

“So right you are, I don’t have any business with you. Just one last deal left to seal.” Amrita picked up the bottle of champagne and winked at them. Both the boys looked at each other unable to fathom what she was getting at.

At the very next moment, blood started oozing out of the nose and mouth of Ajay and Amit, the convulsed and wreathed feverishly before crumpling on the floor, trying hard to breathe. The bottle was poisoned by Amrita. Both were struggling to win the ill-fated battle of their death.

“This was the last deal. You messed with the wrong chic.” Amrita moved her finger down Ajay’s face stuck it into his mouth and licked her finger than held his face kissed him on his lips and spat a bloody rheum on his face.

“Have fun, in the HELL.” Saying so, Amrita gestured the staff of yacht. They chained the bodies to heavy stones and tossed them into the sea of MIAMI…

Written by: Hemang
Sketch: Paranj Sankdecha


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