Author:  James Patterson and Marshall Karp

Genre:  Thriller

James Patterson had been publishing his books at a regular interval which is very short and you’ll never be quite sure of which one will let you hold your breath back or won’t let you blink your eyes.

‘KILL ME IF YOU CAN’ is another action packed book by James Patterson and Marshall Karp which will not let you blink your eyes, at least, with a bag full of diamonds worth millions.

Matthew Bannon is a struggling art student who is trying hard to make good of his second phase of life with his girlfriend who is his professor too. 

Matt’s life changes upside down when he discovers his fortune, a bag full of diamonds in the most chaotic attack at the Grand Central station in New York City. Matt thought it is the end of his struggles for the rest of his life and will now spend his life lavishly with the love of his life. 

What Matt is unaware of that those diamonds belonged to Walter Zelvas, a top member of International Diamond Syndicate and who is dead now. Whoever had ordered the hit on Zelvas, wants those diamonds back and now they are on the hunt of Matthew Bannon. 

GHOST… the world’s greatest assassin and who had killed Zelvas is trailing Matt now. That’s not all, a rival assassin is also on trail of Matt, the number 2 in the world of assassins. Her purpose is to kill Matt and to make Ghost disappear forever from the world of assassins.

Running for his life with love of his life with crooked cops, two deadly assassins and Russians on his trail, Matt has his share of past. He is Ex-Marine and has his dark secrets. 

“Will Matthew Bannon be able to cash out his fortune for the life…?”

“Will Syndicate be able to retrieve back their lost diamonds…?”

“Will Ghost be the history in the world of assassins…?”

To know more… Read… ‘KILL ME IF YOU CAN’ by James Patterson and Marshall Karp…

MY OPINION: KILL ME IF YOU CAN is another seat thriller for the readers. The book is tightly action packed and a run for life.

The best part of the book is, it’s a very easy read. Yes, you heard it correct. Despite adrenaline pumping action and keep you on the edge storyline, the flow of the content is very smooth. 

The book has all the hallmarks of Patterson, starting from small but fierce chapters, fast-paced action and a likeable protagonist. The only thing I didn’t feel connected was the Russian Mafia and relationship of his girlfriend but that’s just my perception.

Overall, if you are a lover of the thriller genre, this book definitely should be on your reading list.


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