Title: Entruppted

Author:  Devrajan Venkat

Genre:  Corporate Fiction

Radhika Narayan, the owner of the Ferma Brands is from IIM and is missing now.

Radhika started her career as a management trainee with a big brand, who picked her from the campus during her final year in IIM. With the growing phase, she shifted to another company and kept pursuing her career till she got caught by an entrepreneurial bug. 

She gave up her job and started her journey to become the young entrepreneur of the country. She started her own company Ferma brands.

Seeking investors was the toughest job for her. She knocked every investor’s door but none opened.

Mr. Kishore, a potential investor agrees after a couple of meeting and rectifications in her business model. 

Anand Gupta, a dynamic CEO, working with other MNC, is appointed at the helm of the country with a promise to achieve the mountain high sales figure in the initial phase of the upcoming brand. 

With Kishore’s strategic planning, Rahdika’s unbounded enthusiasm and Anand’s hard work, the company starts flourishing with sky-high success. 

The spark of love was ignited between Kishore and Radhika. But the dark side of Kishore was never been uncovered by Radhika till it was very late. 

Radhika was on top of her world. Her dream of lavish and luxurious life came true with everything she dreamed of was at the tip of her fingers.

But something was parallel going behind Ferma brands. The dark world of corporate which goes hand in hand with money laundering and illegitimate transactions.

Will Radhika be ever able to reach the dirty roots that were tangled in Ferma brands…? Or She’ll be the one, paying the prize for what she thought she never did…?

My Opinion: The story starts with so many starting points. It continues for longer than it should and that makes the readers flip pages back to connect the dots accurately.

Half a way to the book, few dots once can connect but you need to have a lot of patience. The story is though fast pacing, drifts off the track for a couple of times and that dilutes the interest of the reader.The climax is good but messy. It leaves the reader with a lot of many questions unanswered. One has to guess the in-betweens of what would have happened to reach the end.



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