Title: Breach

Author:  Amrita Chowdhury

Genre:  Cyber Thriller

‘BREACH’, the word in today’s world is very familiar with the developing technologies in the digital world. 

Data theft, data leaks, virus, malware, dark web, etc… etc… are the common terms nowadays. With increasing technological development, the risk of the digital world to ruin someone’s life by sitting inside a small room with a computer has also increased many folds more. 

No doubt, there are more cyber securities and cyber laws have been framed to protect the integrity of the people but hackers have always proved them a step ahead. With all the tools, they need are easily accessible, they are giving tough times to those who are working hard to protect the citizen of the country from such attacks. 

‘BREACH’ by Amrita Chowdhury is one such cyber thriller that will take you to the ride in the world of cyber threats and cyber-attacks. 

Acel, one of the leading Pharma player across the globe is ready to file a global patent for one of the most accounted and miracle drug for pancreatic cancer, Colare.

Against the will of few top-notch members, Acel splits the research project across the two countries, to carry out parallel research to mount the data needed for patenting, U.S. and India.

Weeks before filing the patent, U.S. team discovers anomalies in the data uploaded on the offshore server room in India. A potential error of mismatch is being detected by U.S. team.

Dr. Udai Vir Dhingra, who is in charge of the research facility in India is being blamed. His diligence is being questioned.

Vir could not take the blow. He could not believe that once upon a time, his mentors, the trustworthy colleagues and bosses are questioning his ability to handle the unit. 

Restless Vir, with his Indian research team, discovers that the corrupted data was not because of the research lab of India but there is something wrong with the offshore data centre in India. Soon, the data starts going haywire, keeping millions of dollars at the stack. The news leak in media hits the company stocks and rocks it from the bottom. 

The company’s cybersecurity team along with professional ethical hackers, beings the cyber hunt. The trail leads to a teenager and sniffers smelled some insider from top brass. 

Raghu, a brilliant student and who is fantasied by doing small time back door hacking tricks without knowing the potential hazards, is the only promising clue to the breach. 

With his love life and career at the stake, will Vir be able to track back the Hacker and get the damages repaired?

Will his career be saved or spiralled down to the ground zero with no future?

To find out what happens next….

Read… BREACH….

MY OPINION: The book is the combination of various biotechnological and cyber world’s jargons. Amrita has done a lot of research to provide the best possible information of technical details without draining out the readers. 

The story is right on the track from the very first chapter, keeping you glued to your chair. The small chapters with absolute content are add on to that. 

Thought, at some places, the story becomes sluggish and goes off the track and which could let you keep the book down for a while as no real action continues. 

The climax is fast pacing and more of a realistic kind, rather than typical happy ending story. 

If you are bored of usual love stories and searching for some cyber thrills, your search ends with ‘BREACH’


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